Beekeeping Products ``TSIMINIS``

Pure Fresh Honey for all...

Flowers’ honey

It comes from the nectar of the flowers’ of Greek nature!

Thyme honey

“We know all the places around Greece where there are thymes”

Pine tree honey

“Unique result, unique taste….completely Greek.”

Who we are

Tsiminis Beekeeping is in fact, the continuation of a three generations old tradition in apiculture. By effort, devotion and respect towards the tools and knowledge provided from one generation to the other, we managed to evolve the love for the art of apiculture into a family business. Of course, by saying “family” , not only do we include the actual members of our family, which by being in charge of different section of our small company have participated actively in its function and evolution, but also our friends and partners all over Greece, that support us in our effort to provide you the most valuable thing Greek Nature creates….honey.

Beekeeping Unit

Tsiminis beekeeping is situated on the north-eastern suburbs of Attica in the community of Kapandriti village. Our apiaries live in this area for the longest period of time throughout the year. We also have stable apiaries in other places, all over Greece.

Our productive  colonies, others stable and other  transferrable are up to  1714 under our beekeeping books. In addition to honey we derive from them the fresh pollen, royal jelly and propolis.

The packaging of all our products takes place in our unit in Kapandriti, under the conditions given by the food safety system ISO 22000-2005.


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31o Klm National Road Athens – Lamia, Oropos, Greece