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Honey as it nourishes the body, thus nourishes the skin and for centuries was used in preparations related to beauty.

Cleopatra is said to have bathed in milk and honey.

Dry, tired skins can gain new shine and elasticity by using pastes made of honey and bran.

Honey can be used alone or mixed with a few drops of apple vinegar or lemon juice, both of which have astrinstic properties for oily skins.

None of these ointments are pleasant to use, because they are too sticky, but can be removed easily, after being left on the face for about half an hour, with a little hot water.

For baged, tired skin around the eyes, put a mixture of egg white and honey.

The moisture that honey contains acts on dried, chapped skins and vitamins and minerals nourish every skin type more effectively than synthetic cosmetics, because honey is a natural substance without chemical additives, Today recipes and medicines transmitted from generation to generation may seem like graphic folk oddies in this age of accumulated knowledge , but if women who were interested in their beauty and who were not able to have the wide variety of creams and lotions circulating today, discovered that honey helped them, we can at least learn from their experience. *

Honey-based cosmetics:

-"mask" of honey, for the face

Mix 1 can. of honey soup with a tablespoon of white soft flour. Add a few drops of rose water to bring the mixture into the form it needs (neither too thick nor too fluid).

Spread carefully on the face and let it work for about half an hour. Rinse with cold water and tapons with a soft cloth.

- Twice a week.

-hand oil with honey

Knead together half a kilo of honey and 8 egg yolks. Slowly add half a kilo of almond oil. Stir continuously add 250g bitter almonds and flavour with 7ml bergamot extract and 7ml clover extract.

-honey for olives of the face and body

Mix 250g honey, 60ml glycerin, 60ml pure alcohol, 20ml citric acid, 15 drops amber

You put locally first thing in the morning.

Put it in a dark bottle and keep it away from the sun and high temperatures. It is not maintained for a long time.

source www.diata-express.com


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