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Here we will refer to honey as food and some general rules that we must respect for its proper storage, preservation and administration.

1. Keep it away from sunlight. Sunlight destroys many of its enzymes.
2. Keep honey in well-closed containers. Honey absorbs external odors very easily, thus altering its unique natural aroma.
3. Honey easily absorbs water even in very small quantities. Excessive water in honey, (in the order of 20%), allows the growth of yeast and causes its kneading.
4. You can keep honey in the refrigerator. Although most honeys are kept at room temperature, if you do not consume it in a short period of time prefer to place it in the refrigerator.
5. When you heat honey by mixing it with hot drinks such as tea or milk, many of its enzymes are destroyed.
6. When you consume it plain, be sure to keep them as much under the tongue as possible to allow its finest substances to enter directly into the blood.
7. Eating small amounts of honey during the day is preferable to consuming large amounts rarely.

Honey was taken from bees and packaged in the best conditions, you just try its value to remain unchanged.

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