Large Glycerin Films with Oxylic Acid

Large Glycerin Films with Oxylic Acid

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Oxalic acid strips with vegetable glycerin to combat barroa.

  • Can be used at any time of the year
  • Leaves no residue in honey
  • Easy to apply
  • Low cost

100% Organic product.

The price is for a pack of 20 pieces



  • Tape of fine virgin cellulose yarns
  • Pure Glycerin
  • Ultra-high purity Ofalic acid

What movies are and what they contain

  1. Cellulose strips.

Cellulose is the most widespread organic compound in the world as being a structural polysaccharide of plants is the main component of the cell wall of plant cells. The long chains of cellulose are connected to each other by hydrogen bonds thus forming bundles that in turn intertwine in very strong grids. Some organisms, mainly plants and animals, have the appropriate enzyme in their digestive system for its hydrolysis so that they can digest cellulose. Cellulose is also of great importance for the digestion mechanism. Promotes the peristaltic movement of the intestines and contributes to its cleansing and defecation, helps in the development of normal intestinal flora. Lately, attention has been focused on the role that so-called fibre, which also includes cellulose, has a role to play in preventing certain diseases.

  1. Glycerin.

Glycerin is called the organic compound propanotriol which consists of three carbon atoms where the first and last are associated with two hydrogen atoms and a hydroxyl root, while the middle with a hydrogen atom and a hydroxyl atom. Its purity is greater than 99.5%. As a substance it is presented in a wide range of uses as a raw material in the production of medicines, cosmetic varnishes, in electronic cigarette as a liquid, as a sugar substitute in diabetics, while it is used in the form of a sussus as a laxative.

  • Oxalic acid.

The acidic acids are found widely in the plant kingdom and beyond. For example, they are contained in high concentrations of poultry fat, acid (nettle) and leaves of raved and buckwheat (a type of rye). Other edibles of plant origin also contain significant concentrations of nuts such as black pepper, parsley, poppy seeds, amaranth, cocoa, berries, beans, nuts as well as honey. * MATERIALS ED IN THE EU * FILMS PRODUCE & PACKAGED IN GREECE From the first moment of disposal to all, we are with you on any issue throughout Greece. The biggest help for the product is your comments to us. How we use them:

  1. Placed in the center of the brood frame rather than frame four strips in the ten-month-old bee hang from both sides of the frame riding the frame and in a straight line (it has been judged the most effective way). The films can be used all year round, so it is good to start treatment when our flock is smaller, using in the same way fewer films and when it reaches the ten frames, if it is as clean as possible from varroa.
  2. Based on observations from the use of about 12 years, both in Latin America and in other countries, no problems have been observed in the hive from -2 to 42 degrees Celsius. In the seven years or so used by us, we have not noticed any worrying phenomenon.
  • No cases of overdose have been reported, but it is a weapon in our hands against varroa and should be used with logic. The right way is found by each of us based on his flock, the place he moves, the time he spends holding the given that the varroa never disappears. The duration of action of the film exceeds thirty days and can reach as many as forty.
  1. Any barroa that enters the hive after treatment, remains on the back of the bee for a long time, and becomes immediately visible, unable to hide in the abdominal rings or cells. We can deal with the issue with a movie even if the phenomenon continues, someone in our neighborhood is not doing any treatment on their beehives. However, our beehives will remain healthy and productive for a very long time.

*THE PLEASE PROPOSED AS TOP REQUIRED ENERGY The most useful is to place plywood 4ari with painted white on the top of it, made so that it can easily come in and out of the entrance. Place a light layer of Vaseline (classic) on top of it with your fingers. Observe them 1-2 times a week, clean it, and put vaseline back in each time. 'That's how we see how many days they fall, adults or young. If after the 25-day period a few adult varroa fall, these apparently come from outside. We can therefore assess the situation in our apiary and in our area, and take appropriate measures. Side effects:

  1. Although the 40 cm tape is convenient for quick placement, in some cases touching the candle spoils some cells, along the way the bees will rebuild them, put honey and the queen will give birth to them again

General information:

  1. The films of glycerin oxalic acid were made from South America made and tested in a cooperative spirit of scientists and beekeepers in order not only to treat the barroa but also to deliver to the consumer crystal clear honey and wax. With these films today we manage to have crystal clear honey and wax but also sturdy and strong bees. They are also used in our country by great kings without mentioning any problems in the creation and evolution of cells, nor in the birth of queens. Films in most cases have an effectiveness of more than 95% based on reported global surveys.

Maintenance and storage:

  1. They shall be kept in a shady and cool place without losing their activity for at least six months from the indicated date of production.


  • Do not come into contact with the eyes and keep away from children.

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20pc per pack

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