We have managed to make a synopsis of our philosophy in three words NATURE-TRADITION-SCIENCE.

NATURE, we consider it to be our boss. We give our hive a central role and we do everything around that. Nature produces and that’s why she decides the varieties of honey she will give us, the time of the year that she will be more productive and when the production is going to be more or less. We are of the opinion that nature doesn’t demand respect, but she demands obeyance, therefore we make sure we don’t interfere with her work, but only make it easier and we never try to change the result.
That’s the part where the TRADITION factor comes up. Thanks to the tradition we’ve been provided with all necessary knowledge and methods used since the antiquity, to derive all bee products in a way that isn’t detrimental to the environment or the bees.
Due to tradition, we know how to produce PURE GREEK HONEY and stand out for the high quality of our final product.
SCIENCE is our ally in this effort, as all our products are checked by the appropriate certification bodies; they are packed and transported under conditions of high hygiene. In this way, you can be assured that during each and every step of the production procedure, the gift of nature, given to us through tradition, is approved by modern science.
We, as beekeeping unit, serve as links of those three things.