Pollen Fresh Variety Flowering

Pollen Fresh Variety Flowering

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What you need to know about pollen.

Pollen is a product that nature offers us through the plants visited by bees and has the following characteristics: - Variety in color depending on the amount of mineral salts, moisture and sunshine. - Intense and pleasant smell. - Variety in taste (acid, sweet, bitter, salty) depending on the types of flowers from which it is collected. Pollen ingredients: Fresh pollen contains biological moisture, proteins, amino acids, carbohydrate fatty acids, vitamins A-B1-B2-B3-B5-B6-B12-C-D-E-H-K-PP, enzymes, coenzyms and minerals.


Fresh bee pollen has so many properties that it can be described as a food "bomb". It acts auxiliaryly and often therapeutically in conditions such as prostate, stomach disorders, fallen immune system, allergies, bowel problems, poor pancreatic and liver function, cholesterol, triglycerides, high pressure, anxiety, inability of the body to store vitamin C, hormonal system disorder, obesity and anorexia as it brings balance to body weight.

Possible side effects

Some people may develop allergies to pollen or simply do not accept it easily in their stomach and digestive system because it causes them "heavy" stomach and bloating. To avoid these cases as much as possible, we must take the pollen in small doses initially (even grain-grain)

How to administer

-start with small amounts
-do not heat up or expose pollen to the sun
-keep the pollen as long as you can under the tongue before swallowing it
-you can mix it with honey, yogurt, cereals, juices.
always store the fresh pollen in the freezer


Fresh Pollen: We recommend 1 teaspoon daily for the first week. We then increase to 2kC 3 times a day depending on the needs of each organism. An athlete for example can consume up to 100g a day. According to studies 2 tablespoons of pollen a day fully meet the body's needs in vitamins, amino acids and minerals. We consume pollen after eating and accompanied by enough water.

Pollen tablets :1st week one tablet in the morning. 2nd week plus 5-8 tablets every morning. In case of an allergic reaction, discontinue use. Note: consume all of your daily pollen intake by early afternoon. Note b : 2 pollen tablets= 1 teaspoon fresh pollen.

Duration of use: If allergies or contraindications are not observed, pollen should be administered continuously. We understand that we have received quite a bit of watching our appetite day by day. When our desire for pollen decreases, we stop or reduce our dosage for a while.

Product expiry date: Pollen remains unchanged and suitable for eating up to 2 years after the indicated date of production. Proper preservation of pollen is in the freezer at -18, from where it is consumed directly as it does not crystallize. **Pollen tablets are kept for up to 3 years from production in a dry and cool place.

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