Bee treasure


An absolutely natural product, 100% Greek, with fresh pollenfresh royal pulp and thyme honey.

A tasty supplement in your daily diet which combines uniquely the attributes of royal jelly and pollen with the known flavor and quality of our thyme honey.




The dose is adapted depending on the needs of each organism and case by case. Children in the growth, athletes, older people, individuals with fallen immunogenic or after chirurgical interventions can receive up to 3 teaspoons daily before breakfast. For simple daily reinforcement a teaspoon before breakfast is enough.

The consumption of treasure can be continuous because it is a perfectly natural supplement of diet. The general rule is that we pay attention to our appetite. When the wish for treasure is decreased, we decrease or we stop for a little the consumption.

The attributes of “treasure” are the combined attributes of products which it includes. These are the pollen, the royal jelly and the honey.

concern mainly the pollen that is contained in the product. Certain individuals may have allergy in some from the plants that the pollen contains. In order to avoid as much as possible these cases we begin with a small quantity.


  • 20gr. Royal Jelly
  • 65gr. Pollen
  • 165gr. Honey.

Keep product:

it is maintained in the refrigerator up to his expiry.

Date of expiry:

2 years after production.


Fresh bee pollen has so many qualities that it can be characterized as a nutrition “bomb”. It helps and sometimes even heals disorders as prostate, stomach disorders, immune fallen, allergies, intestinal problems, malfunctioning pancreas and liver, cholesterol, triglycerides, high blood pressure, anxiety, inability to absorb vitamin C, Hormone system disorder, obesity and anorexia since it brings balance to body weight.

The royal jelly affects positively the metabolism, growth and longevity, while counterbalances the operations of organism, oxygenates the cells and increases his resistance in the exterior offences, but also in the internal abnormalities. He is ideal for adults and children, too.
As far as adults are concerned, it helps overcoming depression, stress, virus infections, and the symptoms of menopause, the malnutrition and anorexia nervosa. Proactively used to control cholesterol, good liver function, strengthen the immune system, protect the skin and scalp.
Children are given the jelly to treat anemia, promote growth and avoid tiredness.
In pathological situations it is used by individuals with Parkinson, Alzheimer, hypertension, headaches, migraines, sugary diabetes. It is equally effective in inflammations of organism as well as in the arthritis.
Furthermore, royal jelly it activates the sexual glands. In women it increases the production of corpus luteum helping ovulation and the level of progesterone, helping thus in the maintenance of pregnancy. In men it increases the level of testosterone, thus enhancing their sexuality. It may also reduce the size of prostate.

The honey has therapeutic attributes. It is antiseptic and germicide, because of the peroxide of hydrogen that it contains, his acidity and high concentration of his sugars. Helps in the heal wounds and provides sterility. Thanks to its antibiotic action and its alkaline attributes it helps in the disinfection of mouth and does not create conditions of decay. Honey is recommended for obesity that is due to defective metabolism, hyperinsulinism and to the withholding of water in the webs. The extended consumption of honey from individuals that suffer from cardiac disturbances has as result the improvement of their situation. Honey’s sugars, particularly glucose, are essential to the contraction of cardiac muscle and they are a source of energy for the heart. The percentage of hemoglobin, especially in children, increases with the consumption of honey. Because of its alkalinity it reduces the stomach acid, working as a remedy for stomach ulcers and dodeka-dakctulos. Moreover honey is considered to be one of the best mild laxatives.
The glucose in honey complements the reserves of glycogen in the liver. The liver is the factory of organism where all useful for the organism substances are composed and where others, as toxins are disintegrated. The presence of glycogen strengthens this work and increases the resistance of organism towards infections.
Lastly, because of the high rate of fructose combined with its ferments, it restores the sobriety in individuals that are found in situation of intoxication, especially if it is combined with lemon juice.

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