Bee’s wax

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Beeswax, a classically inactive substance, has some very interesting properties important to humans. This properties are directly related to the wax’s’ substances and also with the fact that bees tend to add tiny amounts of propolis into each comb-cell, especially the ones primarily built for bee-nymphs. Therefore, we can conclude that beeswax is some sort of «small propolis” with many, but not that intense, of the propolis properties.

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Tsiminis Beekeeping features bee’s wax in three types:

  • Package of 50 gr wax
  • Package of 1 kg wax
  • Church candles

The way of natural beeswax’s creation , as the confirmation of parthenogennesis in nature creates a direct association with Faith, makes it ideal for the church.

Beneath I will mention some of the beeswax properties generally accepted by cosmetic producers:

4.healing skin soft and elastic texture

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Church candles, Package of 1 kg wax, Package of 50 gr wax