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What is propolis

It is a resinous substance gathered by bees from plant buds or substances found in peels of trees. Bees enrich it with wax, pollen and enzymes.

Its color varies, from yellow to reddish or even black, depending on its plant origins.

The smell, the taste and its solidity also vary.

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Propolis consists of 50-55% resin content and balsams, 25-35% bees’ wax,  5-10% volatile matter from which 0.5% are essence oils, 5% pollen, 5% various organic substances such as benzoic acid, caffeic acid, ferulic acid, minerals and vitamins B (B1, B2, B6, PP), C and E.

The propolis has bacteriostatic and bactericidical properties. It’s used to treat lesions of respiratory organs, oral cavity and other parts of the human body.

Propolis contains in high concentration, flavones, flavonoles and flavonones that have the following effects in humans:

-Inflammatory action on joints, skin and mucous tissues.

-Protect vitamin C from oxidation.

-Have a beneficial effect on capillaries

-Extend the action of adrenaline

-Inhibit the aggregation of erythrocytes.

-Improve blood circulation in the capillaries

-They have antiseptic action

Alcoholic extract 50% of propolis is used for the treatment of chronic otitis.

-It’s used for the cure of chronic itching, local redness, pharyngitis, fungal infection, and general problems of otolaryngology.

-Assists in troubleshooting rheumatic arthritis and spinal ankylosis.

-It has positive results in the treatment of vasomotor nerves causing sniffle.

-Propolis is used to treat ulcers and prostate problems

-In dentistry, to treat problems of the oral cavity

-In cosmetics.

Way of Consumption

External: Directly on wounds, abrasions, burns, bites, pimples etc.

Internal: On thrush, pimples or tonsils in the mouth.


Possible side effects have never been reported, except those allergic to propolis.

Chewable propolis: 2-3 pieces, 2 times a day.

Propolis extract: ingestion

Adults: 10-15 drops in half a tablespoon of honey

Children: 5 drops in half a tablespoon of honey.

Propolis vaginal suppositories


Wounds restored difficult after gynecological epemvlaseis
postoperatively ulcers
Trichomanada (vaginal)
In vaginal fungal infections (propolis is one of the strongest natural anti-Candida products).
In all cases we need strong antibacterial and healing action in the Gulf.
Place a vaginal tablet every night before bedtime.

Expiry date

Propolis remains suitable for consumption up to 2 years after its production date.

Keep in a dry and cool place.

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Chewable propolis (Jar 10gr), Propolis extract with high levels of propolis, Propolis with honey (250 gr)