Queen bees


Queen bees

We sell queens (Apis melifera cecropia) of natural fertilization.

We send by courier companies both to Greek mainland and islands as well. Directly, quickly and safely.

From the end of April our beekeeping unit will be exporting fertilized queen bees to all countries which have direct airport communication with Athens. Queens will be accompanied by all necessary documents required by the E.U.




  • Ο Brother Adam για την Cecropia:

    … the day we arrived, we investigated the southern part of Attica to Sounion …
    … the local bee, of the more distant part of Southeast Europe was not given the importance it should for unexplained reasons. Of course, it lacks the appearance that usually attracts attention, has not the color and peculiar appearance, things that are extremely important but that kind of bee, according to my perception, from the business side, is incomparable to any other…
    … Excellent properties of the Greek bee are: gentleness, fertility, lack of voltage in creating cluster…. bees behave however so mild as to inspection and bees Krener. I can believe that no other race of bees can be compared with the Greek race … According to our experience the Greek bee has less tendency to create cluster than any other breed or strain we have tested in our beekeeping station ….
    …. The preliminary results of our breeding have shown that the greek breed can be very valuable ….

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