Thesaurus of the Bee

Thesaurus of the Bee

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A completely natural product, 100%Greek, with freshpollen, fresh royal jelly and thyme honey. A delicious supplement to your daily diet that uniquely combines the properties of royal jelly and pollen with the well-known taste and quality of our thyme honey.



The dose shall be adjusted according to the needs of each organism and on a case-by-case basis. Children in development, athletes or athletes, the elderly, people with a low immune system or after surgeries can receive up to 3 teaspoons daily before breakfast. The dose for maintenance and simple daily stimulation is one teaspoon before breakfast.

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Taking the treasure can be continuous because it is a completely natural dietary supplement. The general rule is that we monitor our appetite. When the desire for the "treasure" decreases, we reduce or stop taking it for a while.


The properties of the "treasure of the bee" are combined the properties of the products that make up it. That is, pollen, royal pulp and honey.

Possible side effects

Adverse reactions mainly concern pollen contained in the product. Some people may have an allergy to any of the plants contained in pollen. In order to avoid these cases as much as possible, we start with a small amount of


Each jar of 250 g. Contains:

  • 20g Fresh Greek Pulp
  • 65g Greek pollen and
  • 165g Thyme Honey.

Storage of the product:

Store in the refrigerator until it expires.

expiry date:

2 years after the indicated production date.


The pollen of the "treasure of the bee" comes mainly from the plants:

1, KUNOUKLA/LADANIA: common Greek shrub that produces lard resin, with astrintic and softening properties. It is a non-toxic plant, with no side effects. It is used for insomnia, diarrhea, toothaches and tetanus.

2, BRUSSELS : well-knownvegetable, useful in pharmaceuticals. Rich in vitamin C.

3, GAIDOURAGTH:it is a plant of the family of composites, with thorns and flowers red or white. In the world of medicinal plants it is characterized as a "treasure" because of its properties. It is antioxidant, helps in milk production in new mothers, it is hepatoprotective, as well as chole duct-choleretic.

4, TRIFYLLI: perennial native plant, the flowers of which are either red or white and appear in spring. It is vitamin, tonic, antispasmodic, diuretic, expectorant, emollient, antiseptic and painkiller. It also has a beneficial effect against headaches, hypertension and arteriosclerosis.

5, VELANDIA: tree rich in essentially thanine, giving the oak strong antioxidant, antiseptic and astrinal properties. It helps in diarrhea, healing eczema and reducing internal and external infections.

6, TOURNARI: shrub with tonic action

7, LAPATHO: wild grass, rich in flavonoids, i.e. antioxidants, which protect against cardiovascular diseases and have an anticancer effect.

Indications: Acts auxiliary and often therapeutic in conditions such as prostate, stomach disorders, impaired immune system, allergies, bowel problems, poor functioning of pancreas and liver, cholesterol, triglycerides, high pressure, anxiety, inability of the body to store vitamin C, hormonal system disorder, obesity and anorexia as it brings about balance in body weight.

Royal jelly

Royal jelly has a positive effect on metabolism, growth and longevity, as it balances the body's functions, oxygenated cells and increases its resistance to external attacks, but also to internal abnormalities. It is ideal for both adults and children. In adults it helps to treat depression, anxiety, stress, diseases, menopause symptoms, malnutrition, anorexia nervous. Preventively it is used to control cholesterol, good liver function, strengthen the immune system, protect the skin and scalp. Children are given to treat anemia, to promote growth, for fatigue and during recovery. In pathological conditions it is used by people with Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, hypertension, headaches, migraines, diabetes mellitus. It is equally effective in inflammations of the body as well as in arthritis. Even, pulp has a gonadotropic effect. That means it activates the sexual glands. In women it increases the production of pale body helping ovulation and progesterone level, thus helping to maintain pregnancy. In men increases the level of testosterone, thus boosting their sexuality, also can reduce the size of the prostate.


Properties: Honey has healing properties. It is antiseptic and microbiicide, due to the hydrogen peroxide it contains, its acidity and the high concentration of its sugars. It helps heal wounds and offers asepsis. Thanks to its antibiotic effects and alkaline properties it helps to disinfect the mouth and does not create conditions of caries. Honey is recommended against obesity due to faulty metabolism, hyperinsulinism and water retention in tissues. Prolonged consumption of honey by people suffering from heart disorders has the effect of improving their condition. Honey sugars, especially glucose, are essential for heart muscle contractions and are a source of energy for the heart. It also dilates the vessels and reduces hypertension. The percentage of hemoglobin, especially in children, increases with the consumption of honey, mainly due to the iron and copper it contains.. Honey is basically alkaline food because of the mineral salts it contains. This alkalinity reduces the acidity of the stomach. Honey proves to be a valuable means of protection against stomach and twelve-finger ulcers. In addition, it is considered as one of the best natural, mild laxatives. Honey glucose complements the reserves of liver glycogen. The liver is the plant of the organism where substances useful to the body are synthesized and others that are dangerous, such as toxins, are degraded. The presence of glycogen enhances this work and increases the body's resistance to infections. In combination with yogurt prevents the creation of fat in the liver. Honey contains very little protein and almost no salt, substances that are not allowed in people with kidney diseases. Besides, as a hypertonic glucose solution, it strengthens and strengthens the body and is diuretic. Finally, due to the high rate of fructose in combination with its enzymes restores sobriety in people who are drunk, especially if combined with lemon juice.

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